Monday, August 27, 2012

Bombers, wth?

About LaPo's firing. I would have given him to the end of the year. The guy has a two-year deal. Now you're just paying for him to do nothing.
And this team is not doing well in spite of LaPo, not because of him.
The problems start at the top. Pat Martin's son is a board member. What, he's going to talk union shop biz with the players? What a waste of a spot. Right along with David Asper, who like his sister is only good at spending other people's money.
Mack never brought in any decent players to fill the void left when they lost so many starters from last year. And he loves band aid Buck, who is a trooper but not much else.
And then there's CJOB vet Garth Buchko. He tries to silence the media. He forces the team to start the road for four weeks. He lies about the opening of the stadium.
If anyone should have been fired, it should have been that guy.
The board needs revamping. The GM needs to go. And they need a prez who looks after money, not after football. Cause radio hacks have no biz running a football team.


  1. Hey Blue Rod, long time no see. The Blue Bombers are in dire straits, and need to sack the Board of Directors in the off season, if they want to ever return to the glory years (1980-95). It's a shame that the old stadium used to be known as the "House of Pain" for opponents. Now it can be arguably said that name still stands, but for entirely different reasons...

  2. Yah I should be blogging more especially now that the Freep is blocking most posters and running interference for their columnists.
    And it looks like they took my advice - a year too late!